Are Things As Bad In Russia As They Appear?

Most of the Media still has its nose so far out of joint over the Presidential Election results, it’s understandable if someone is convinced Americans will find out that we’ve been pulled into World War III from a BBC Report.

But as American Media is busy arguing over the 2016 Election, in 2018, Russia is falling apart. Or at least it looks that way.

Vladimir Putin is a Spy turned Oligarch turned Populist. And war with the West is a very unpopular topic with average Russians. But nobody releases a Globally Banned chemical weapon on Great Britain unless they want war. A big war. A huge war.

World War III.

So why would Putin want that? It’s hard to believe he would. But some of those oligarchs do. Russian Intelligence Services give every indication they do. The Russian Military? I’ve gotta believe it’s decidedly undecided on the matter. Split worse than our divisions over Race and Social Programs. Or Immigration.

But it’s undeniably clear that somebody in Russia wants World War III and is willing to risk having the entire World, including Russia’s Allies in BRICS, turn against it.

Can things really be that bad in Russia right now? That somebody, possibly even Putin himself, is willing to risk World War? Not just World War. But a World War started with the release of a weapon of mass destruction so terrifying Russia cannot even publicly admit having it.

So many crazy things have been happening there, from Information and Disinformation Wars used on the Russian People themselves to the assassinations of Political Rivals to all Corporations of any significant size, even Foreign-Owned ones, being told they have to be prepared to ramp up to provide necessities in a potentially coming war. Or risk having their Executives imprisoned and their Companies taken away.

And Non-Russian Journalists being put on notice they will be treated as Agents of Foreign Governments, subject to arrest as spies.

Inside Russia, the stories are downright scary. Many of them straight from Cold War Spy Novels. Some from Science Fiction. Many of them so astounding as to defy belief. But far too many of them and far too credible to just dismiss them.

Combined with a War in Ukraine that has now become a form of proxy fight between Putin and his own Intelligence Services. Would those Services go so far as to gas Great Britain with chemical weapons? Would Vladimir Putin? Or is it one of Russia’s Oligarchs turned Global Organized Crime Boss?

The only things we probably can be sure of right now is that it’s somebody there. And that Russia is a mess. Either it’s being run by a diabolical Madman who not only risks a catastrophic war, but invites it. Demands it, almost.

Or it is now so thoroughly fractured it can no longer be called a Nation State.

Which is scarier?