Battle Between the NFL and Insurance Companies Heats Up

Yesterday I talked about changes at USA Football, at least on its website. No mention anywhere that I can find of Concussions or CTE. This is a huge change from when Football’s “Governing Body” devoted a blog section to CTE and extracted anything it could find to say to parents “What’s the big? Stop listening to the hysterical Media.”

Now there’s a big push on Coaches. Youth and High School Coaches are a big thing for the NFL and USA Football. To attract them they were offered among other things a $Million Liability Insurance Policy. That’s one thing that made the efforts to get Coaches sued by angry Parents who feel they’re still being lid to all the more odd. It’s not like the NFL and USA Football didn’t know Insurance Companies are already getting really ticked about all of this. The NFL is in the middle of a fight with its Insurers.

That battle has now entered a new firefight as the NFL has filed more counter-claims against the Insurance Companies. It’s not like this couldn’t be seen coming as it was looking like the Insurers might finally be pulling off what noone else has ever managed. To have the NFL be forced to open its books on Football Head Trauma and show what it actually knows and when it’s actually known it. Plus maybe even a few higher caliber smoking guns having to do with any staged efforts to keep everyone in the dark, misinformed and confused.

You know. The stuff that can land NFL Owners in prison.

There’s a reason why some of the Lawsuits are already RICO Suits with more likely to come. The NFL’s pattern is easy to see and the pattern is all that has to be shown to win a Racketeering Case. In fact RICO exists specifically because of organized crime syndicates and mob-like organizations like the NFL who have Lawyers who know how to play the “prove it!” Oh-so-friggen-Millennial-BS game. The NFL’s Lawyers may be the world’s masters at keeping mob-like business execs, the perpetrators or terror and crimes against humanity not just out of prison. But able to continue their marauding.

So I understand why, being a Lawyer-Led League and not just any Lawyers…but THOSE Lawyers. It’s not a Major Professional Sports League anymore. It’s a Law and Lobbying Firm that occasionally talks about a Game it rarely plays or promotes anymore…Football.

Oh, just for fun, here’s the doc with the latest.

Who knows where this is all headed. If the NFL actually cared these fights wouldn’t exist. But it doesn’t. It doesn’t care about your kid one bit. If it ever has, it doesn’t now and may never again.

That’s what happens when you’re no longer a Sports League, let alone one willing to own up to the responsibilities that come with the lofty position of Top League of a Major Sport.

To these guys it’s none of that. Just a chance to make money that every day looks more and more like nothing more than blood money. Their Lawyers & Leaders specialty.