BRICS Is Now All About American Protectionism

The take-away from the BRICS 2017 Summit in China is…American Protectionism comes with a steep price. That price?

At least half the World’s Population is now focused entirely on forging relationships designed to cut the United States out of the Emerging Economy. The Dealmaking that was alluded to before the Conference is now bearing fruit after it. High Speed Rail Systems. Borderless Investment and Trade Agreements. Significant shared Infra-structure Investment and projects. Joint Investment in Developing Countries and Regions.

And a theme of “Economic Equality”.

BRICS says equal seat at the table with US and EU. Maybe that is the actual shared goal. The actions though say they’re building their own table and telling the US and Europe “You now have to come to us.”

And it’s all because of talk of Protectionism in the US. Talk that’s begun being echoed in much of Europe. China in particular isn’t concerned about letting it be known that’s what now drives its plans, strategies and relationships.

They’re sending another message too that will get legs fast. That America represents shrinking and the past. BRICS represents growth and the future. That’s the message they started and the message they’ve already taken to places like Thailand as they just closed two deals for new high-speed rail systems.

The message is the US and Europe are becoming protectionists because they have nothing to offer anyone. Contraction is all they can do. BRICS represents the World of 2020-2030-2040 and on into the future. The US and Europe represent the 20th century. BRICS represents the 21st century and beyond.

That’s the message they’re sending and it’s already bringing results.