Can New Media Save Sports A Lot Of Headaches?

Disney is under more pressure to look at buying Twitter or Netflix. More Sports Leagues are announcing plans to stream Games on Twitter. There’s a push on YouTube, Facebook and anything else “social” they can think of.

But underneath all of that, the real New Media Developments are taking a much different lane on the Information SuperHighway and it could be a good thing for Sports. Because it boxes out one of Sports’ biggest problems.

Idiot Pseudo-Fans who are in reality the marauders Jason Whitlock calls the “Cyber Humans”. The roving WebThugs whose real Fandom is trying to make life hard for others. Sports has already catered far too much to these dumbasses. The dumbasses who can kill the Leagues and kill of much of Sports.

Because in that website, forum, social media world, Whitlock is right when he calls it the most one-sided fight in history.

What makes it so absurd is these dumbasses do their dirty in the name of being Fans. Nothing could be any further from the truth. Their Fans of being bullies and thugs. They’re Fans of high-fiving each other in 120-character reacharounds between the BroBullies on their latest conquests. The latest person they ran off after crushing them with ceaseless attacks until they couldn’t take it anymore.

Live Sports carried on Social Media is a disaster of Hindenburg and Titanic proportions. Total crash & burn. Sunk to the bottom and lost for half a century. Sports has enough problems already. Making things easier for these assholes by playing right in their home turf is self-destructive. Other Fans will simply leave. It just plain won’t be any fun anymore. Which is what these assholes love. It’s kinda funny how many come from the MoneyBaller, StatNerd cult. They like to think they’re good at math.

Yet somehow they keep convincing themselves Sports get stronger when they run Fans off. That is to say, when they run off anyone who isn’t them. Isn’t one of their friends. Isn’t part of their little cult. The NFL has fed these beasts. It might even be proud of itself for it. I can’t tell with those guys anymore when they’re being incompetent and just not paying attention and when they’re being intentionally malicious. They’re that bad at what they do.

Keep putting those NFL Games on Twitter. Keep the assholes where we can see them.

As for everyone else, things are about to get much more cozy. Because no longer will the thing be stream on mass access social media. It’ll be direct to you, wherever you are. And as good as that is the best part of all of it is…

The assholes won’t know where you are.

Social will also get much more personal. It will be close groups. Gone will be the days where the option for mixing up the fun with others across distances are texting a friend or posting on a wide open chat forum where any asshole can swoop in and go on the attack.

Right before they stalk you everywhere because you made the mistake of using your Twitter or Facebook Account or some other easily identifiable User ID. You then get to watch them stalk your friends and family too. And if you think they don’t you haven’t talked to enough people who’ve actually spent time in these viper’s nests. Most have similar stories.

And for Women, it’s a hundred times worse. Just ask any Woman in Sports Media.

If Sports were to continue down the path it is on right now it will kill itself with a Death of a Thousand Assholes. Some will find out after much damage is already done.

Others will avoid it altogether and go straight to really using the tools New Media affords them. Those Sports will flourish with much happier Fans.