Disneyland Workers Skip Meals To Make Ends Meet While Disney Plans “Big Investment” In Its Paris Theme Park

Disney keeps trying to find ways to keep the wheels from spinning off its stock. Meanwhile it has serious Employee problems it keeps trying to sweep under the rug. Problems that could crush it one day if Disney Management isn’t careful.

Disney had to fend off a Class-Action Lawsuit by Animation Graphics Designers for being laid off but forced to train their replacements in India or lose severance packages. Media Group Employees keep fighting back over a series of Layoffs. Layoffs seems to be a constant theme.

But at Disney’s first Theme Park, it’s a much different story. There it’s not layoffs, it’s pay and working conditions. Disney has argued the issues are being painted in misleading ways. Using things like National pay averages while avoiding the problem that there’s nothing “average” about living in Southern California. California in general. It’s expensive. It’s insanely expensive.

That may not necessarily be Disney’s problem. But it chose to set up its Headquarters there. To open its first Theme Park there. Disney operates in Southern California and makes alot of its money because of it.

So how bad are things? Well, bad enough that Disney is releasing sound bites through Investment Analysts trying to keep Shareholders calm. The kind of things that you might get away with when you sell $300 sneakers. OK, maybe a bad example. Actually, it’s hard to think of a Business where it isn’t bad.

Images of Full-Time Employees with Families having to do stints in Homeless Shelters. Cutting down on meals to stretch money. Not on expensive meals. Cutting Families down to 2 Budget Meals a day because you can’t always afford to pay for 3. Of large numbers of Employees, especially those with Families, relying on Food Stamps and Food Banks.

10% of Disney’s Anaheim Employees have been Homeless in the last 2 years. Over half worry about being evicted because they can’t keep up with their rent. 68% of Disney Employees in Anaheim have been determined to lack access to sufficient food to maintain minimum nutritional requirements.

The Iconic Company for Families faces being depicted as starving its own Families because it doesn’t pay its Employees enough to eat. Food-Rent-Food-Rent.

Forget about emergencies. That’s how more end up Homeless.

Two weeks after Disney tried to placate Investors over concerns about its Media Business by talking up the $Billion-Plus it plan on investing in its Paris Theme Park, it now has to defend itself over why its California Employees are living in poverty standards.