Dramatic Rise In Demand For Exorcisms Prompts Vatican To Hold Special Conference

The Vatican says a “three-fold increase” in the demand for Exorcisms has led it to hold a special conference in April to train Priests.

How big is the demand? Over 500,000 cases a year…in Italy alone.

I’m looking for better numbers. But New York has seen a similar rise in demand for ridding New Yorkers of demonic possession. New York? How can that be “real” is obviously what most would say. But New York has long been a hotbed for Exorcisms.

It’s not just America’s Capital for cynicism. It’s home to our most sophisticated Network of Hospitals, Psychiatrists, the Archdiocese and even the NYPD.

Exorcisms are the Spiritual Campus Sexual Assaults. It’s going on everywhere. But nobody wants to talk about it.

Look closely at Hospitals across America and you’ll find what’s called “Healing Touch”. It’s the uneasy relationship between our Factory Medicine and a world nobody in our Technocracy wants to acknowledge. But whose results they can’t sufficiently explain away to run it out of their safe haven.

Especially with so much going on showing how dismally our Medicine is failing. With over half of everything from Prescriptions to Surgeries now being shown as being no more effective than placebo.

It’s a bit hard to push out something that’s working, even if you want to dismiss it as placebo effect when over half of all our Medicine isn’t anything but just that.

So we have this growing realm of darkness and light that we do our best to ignore. Even when it’s right in front of our faces. The New York Post has done so many stories on it, they could almost start an Exorcism Section. But how many know that?

It’s another one of those things where, get People alone and they accept as true just how much “more things in Heaven and Earth” there really are. Get the in groups and it’s quite a different story.

We do this alot. America has become High School. Immaturity abounds and image is everything. What? You want to ruin my life!?

We’ll let everything unravel rather than have 5 minutes of honesty. It’s just too scary.

But good & bad, dark & light, evil & divine. They don’t care if you believe in them or not. They’re not running for Prom King & Queen.