I’m Still Trying To Figure Out This “Resistance” Thing

So as I check on Irma online I’m seeing lots of “The Resistance” stuff. Hashtags, Comments, etc. And I’m trying to figure out why.

Mostly I’m trying to figure out what “The Resistance” is, what it stands for. If it stands for anything. I have a hard time believing it stands for ending the Electoral College. But it sure seems like many “Resistance” Forces do. That’s the fastest way to end up with a true mess. Because we’ll end up with the White Supremacist Candidate or the Socialist Worker’s Party in disguise.

Then you can just go ahead and pull out those old Civil War Battle Hymns. Might as well pull the flags out too.

So what is it they’re doing? I really didn’t understand the pre-emptive marches as I said at the time. They left a strong feeling that this isn’t anything except partisan politics. The only consensus you can build around that in this Country is how much most People hate it and hate anyone involved in it.

That’s America Today. The “Right” Hates the “Left”. The “Left” Hates the “Right”.

And everyone else Hates both of them.