In the NFL You Can Be A Rapist, A Woman Beater, A Dog Killer Or Anything Else. You Just Can’t Be Tim Tebow.

This has been a period of deep reflection on Football. Or, at least it should be. The BU-VA Study Release on CTE brought on the question that was always going to come, sooner or later.

Should Football be Banned.

It was a combination of anticipation of that question eventually becoming mainstream and really bad demographics…at least for Football’s future…that prompted me to shift my focus to the Game in the first place. But now that the question has been asked and we await the next phase, the Campaign to Save Football, my thoughts have been on what it is we’re trying to save.

There’s the obvious things like US News & World Report unabashedly stating that the best way to bring an end to the Rape Epidemic, specially on High School and College Campuses, is to Ban Football. But then there are the less obvious ones, such as how does Football affect those around it.

When Baylor hit the standard Sports Media take was “This will do it”. Do it being bring about change. I said it wouldn’t.

It didn’t.

6 years this November the Penn State Scandal broke. What else was happening in November, 2011? Yep. Some of you got it in one. That was when the term “TebowTime” was becoming a global sensation.

And then it all hit me. Tim Tebow and his Fans are the problem. Don’t ask me that. Look anywhere. Anywhere in Sports Media and Social Media.

Tim Tebow became a TebowMania at the same time the other big Football news was the most gut-wrenching Scandal in Sports History. But what does Sports Media, especially NFL Media, and those who gnaw on every morsel from it consider the most vile thing to happen to Football?

Tim Tebow and his Fans.

The NFL fed this. If it didn’t it would’ve stopped. NFL Teams fed NFL Media this poison. Sit down for a minute and start thinking about what has been happening in Football since the Penn State Child Sex Scandal broke. Only one thing can even remotely be called uplifting.


Yet it is the one thing singled out by NFL Insiders as the thing most to be avoided. The thing to be most ashamed of. The thing to be most shunned. Colin Kaepernick is getting a gig now that Joe Flacco is injured, putting an end to that controversy.

But the Tebow “Controversy” will never end. Tebow Fans are the “delusional” ones to be avoided like the plague. Meanwhile Football has BEEN a plague. It’s been one disgusting thing after another and each and every one of them excused by the NFL, by Sports Media and by NFL Fans.

I’ve described the odd NFL World as a Stanley Kubrick Film. But no Clockwork Orange has ever been so twisted. I’ve quipped that one day the NFL will be a subject in Abnormal Psychology. But it’s only sitting down reflecting on the state of Football, how we got here and what’s left worth saving, if anything, that the sickening absurdity really takes form.

The NFL and Tebow Detractors have absolutely no limits. None. There is absolutely no act they consider disgusting. But they’re disgusted by Tebow Fans.

They’re going to have to come up with a term beyond Abnormal.