Irma Brings Out The Worst In Florida’s Sheriffs

The United States is on the verge of Civil War, Riots and/or Unrest breaking out at any time, anywhere for many reasons. The only “good news” we’ve had on this front has been Secession Movements morphing into Autonomy Movements.

THAT is how bad things have gotten in America. And the response by Florida’s Sheriffs to the approaching Hurricane Irma shows why.

America’s Governments have gotten way too full of themselves.

Nothing shows it more than the various statements, comments and even tweets across Florida by various Country Sheriffs who have taken the opportunity of what for quite some time looked like…and still could be with one bad shift in track…the Storm that crushed this State to show what BadAsses they are.

Instead they come off just looking like asses.

The difference between this and the attack on “Pulse” is such night and day. The very kind of attack that has ripped Communities apart and sparked raging and raving anger brought every Floridian together in ways we haven’t see in a long time anywhere in this Country.

Here we have no reasons for anything but pulling together and we have Sheriffs wanting to establish their “Authority” and do so by stating how tough and badass they can be. It has brought mocking from around the Country and around the World and it should.

It should also show Floridians that we have more than just homes to repair when this storm is finally finished with us.

We have alotta things that need to be set straight. And a few to put on notice ourselves.

Those who claim to “represent” us and our character & values.