Is the NFL’s Misogyny Marketing Strategy Working?

Three articles about Raiders 1st Round Draft Pick Gareon Conley are on the front of USA Today Sports’ RaidersWire site.

One is about Conley allowing the fewest yards of any Cornerback in FBS in 2016. Another celebrates his 21st Birthday. And the most recent, from earlier today talks about how Conley was “hosed” in his Rating for Madden NFL 18.

Nothing about the Raiders Top Pick still being unsigned which of course is odd with Camp having started. But perhaps that’s because it’s tough writing about that without explaining why.

Because the Raiders and Gareon Conley don’t know yet if he’s going to be charged with Rape.

This would be a huge story. A 1st Round Draft Pick awaiting being signed as he and the Team don’t know if he’ll be spending his time instead trying to stay out of prison for Rape? This would be the story of the entire Off-Season/Pre-Season.

But the story we get instead is last year’s 1st Round Pick…#1 Overall…who had a sexual assault cloud hanging over his head that had no affect whatsoever on his Draft Position, Jameis Winston. Winston still had a Sexual Assault Lawsuit hanging over his head until 7 months ago when he settled it, the 2nd settlement about the case, with Erica Kinsman.

7 months. That’s how long the Poster Boy for Campus Sexual Assault had it all finally put to bed. Yet that’s all the time the NFL felt was necessary to now not only feature the Tampa Bay Bucs on HBO’s “Hard Knocks”. But further pimp Jameis out as a potential TV Star on the NFL Network. The NFL is about to go back to its Jameis Winston SuperStar and Role Model for Kids Campaign. The Bucs and the League were at least smart enough to hit the pause button as the Trial Date for the Lawsuit was quickly approaching.

But now that it’s all over and Kinsman given a presumably large hush money check…given she already had $750K from the 1st Settlement she opted to give to her Lawyers to pursue this recent one. The NFL is ready to roll all over again.

There was a time I would have said the NFL has learned nothing. Not anymore. Now I’m saying they’ve learned alot. Including Hatred of Women sells huge with its target audience of Millennial Males. The NFL’s eFans are much more concerned with a Players Madden Rating than whether he Rapes Women in his spare time.

And the NFL knows that.

It also knows its eFans live dangerous, extreme lifestyles vicariously through their computer screens and their sick and twisted SuperVillain Heroes. Like NFL “Stars” who Beat and Rape Women and still get paid MegaMillions to suit up.

It’s their pet dream lifestyle. And the NFL knows it and now doesn’t even try to hide its strategy of marketing directly to those dark urges of young males living Fantasy Existences.

And it also knows its friends in Sports Media will do all they can to help.