Led Into Civil War By A Sports Network

You’d think ESPN would have more Viewers. After all we’re letting it lead us into Civil War.

Oh, it might not start off that way. But it’s damn sure going to go that way. It’ll start as more racial unrest, more name-calling, more protests, more marches, more rallies.

And more violence.

Then the Internet, Social Media and 24-hour Cable News will take care of the rest. We didn’t have any of these things when the Great Unrest of the 60s & 70s took place. We didn’t have email. We didn’t have cellphones.

We didn’t even have any way to get a flash rally together.

Today we have so many tools ready to lead us into battle. Against each other. And we have more than the minimum required number of People willing to use them for just that purpose to assure we face off in the streets.

And that bloodshed is involved.

If anyone thinks things like Jemele Hill’s comments won’t lead to bloodshed they’re just a tad bit too Millennial for safe keeping.

The shift from Separatist Movements to Autonomy Movements turned the Civil War Countdown Clocks back a little. But we have more than enough irresponsible People will Social Media Accounts and Television Timeslots to make sure millions are fired up and eager to fight.

It only takes 100s. Sometimes even fewer. And we easily have millions ready to go to war against each other and 100s or even 1000s with high profile and low intelligence ready to use their ByLines to make certain they do.

Once they do those keeping them fired up for a fight will have one of two responses. Blaming the “other side”. Or puzzled how it all happened. How it all reached such horrific ends.

They live in fantasy worlds, with fantasy audiences…messing around with very real explosive issues they understand nothing about. The way you can be sure they have no understanding?

They act like things are so very clearly black & white, good & evil, right & wrong. Those kinds of issues aren’t this hard to do anything about. Only the complex ones remain so stubborn for so long.

And we’ve got People who helped turn DeflateGate into a thing and can’t explain to us why the NFL can’t decide what a Catch is leading us into this War.

How do you like ’em now?