Mets Saw What They Wanted From Tebow As He’s Expected To Be Promoted To AA-Binghamton

The Mets must have seen what they were looking for from Tim Tebow. Even as he was Re-assigned to Minor League Spring Training, Reports are he’s expected to start the Season with a Promotion to the AA Binghamton Rumble Ponies.

This promotion is the reason Sandy Alderson gave for including Tebow in Mets Spring Training. To “accelerate” his preparation. So Sandy is presumably satisfied with what he’s seeing. You’d have to think he’d hoped for more. But that may have gone out the window the moment Tim stepped on that sprinkler head.

Now he’ll spend the next couple weeks working out with other Players and Coaches in the Mets Organization with perhaps an occasional Game in the Grapefruit League with the Big Club. Much as he did last year. As of the last I checked, Tebow is still listed on the Mets Travel Squad for tomorrow. When interviewed earlier, Tim said he didn’t know if that would change now or not.

That will continue to be the story with Tim Tebow Baseball. Nothing will be cut and dry. Everything will be subject to change with need. And, as always, the Wilpons will have their own ideas from time to time. Why wouldn’t they? Why shouldn’t they? Having Sandy Alderson as Mets General Manager was part of a backroom deal with Major League Baseball to avoid being forced to sell the Franchise.

If anyone thinks the Wilpons won’t do everything they can to make sure they make the very most of having Tim Tebow in the Organization, then those People have never almost lost something they loved.

And to come close to being forced to sell because Baseball had concerns about the Financial strength of the Organization? You bet your butts the Wilpons will use Tim Tebow to put butts in seats. And never apologize to anyone for doing so.

Nor should they.