NFL Flag, You’re It!

I have visions of the movie ‘Armageddon’, the straw drawing scene. Who will sacrifice themselves for the good of all mankind? And the Russian Cosmonaut examining his piece of cut wire, sufficing for a straw, and asking “Is this good or bad?”

USA Football has a whole new website. Pretty nice looking, actually. They’re closing ranks. As they upgrade the image, they’re tightening up on the information. Big is registration. Not so big, CTE. In fact, as far as I can tell, it’s nowhere to be found. Concussions either. But the NFL name is now attached. Not to the retread last ditch hope “Head’s Up”. The NFL is out of the Tackle Football business. It’ll leave that to its pigeons at the “Governing Body” of Football.

Nah, the NFL is now the Flag Football King. Search for an official NFL Flag Football League.

Gone are all of those articles trying to convince Parents CTE is a Media Myth. Instead we have Tony Dungy, one of the most trusted names in the Game, saying change takes time.

True, it usually does. I still have trouble with the fact when it comes to dealing with head trauma in Football, change has had over a dozen decades to find a home and settle in. But every time it begins to, every time Football’s problems with cracking skulls becomes such a serious issue it not only consumes the Media but actual talk of the End of Football Days occurs, every time Football says now it’s getting serious and Medical Researchers say “Yeah! Us too”.

Every time the flurry is followed by calls for calm and patience because change takes time, answers take time, solutions take time. And those ugly words traumatic brain injury, concussion, chronic traumatic encephalopathy start getting scrubbed from the eyelines. Replaced with words like change and patience and we care.

And then…nothing. Not a thing.

Until a few decades pass and the whole things comes back around all over again.