Nobody Knows The Troubles Jemele’s Seen

Are you shitting me with this?

Or this?

Where’s the fucking bus? ESPN didn’t slap her on the wrist. It didn’t hang her out to dry. It sure didn’t show “white supremacists control media”.

There isn’t one of you supposed leaders of young, impressionable Blacks who will be taken seriously or should so long as this is the kind of crap you come up with.

Jemele’s no Rosy Parks and not one of you assholes is a Martin Luther King. You’re not even decent Malcom X knock-offs. You’re spoiled little bitches and that’s exactly how you sound. Those young Black Males getting shot on those city streets would slap your sorry asses for being punks.

You idiots have managed to take a serious message, that young Black Males can’t even feel safe in their own Communities because far too many Cops are far too nervous around them and ready to adhere to the maxim “Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6”.

You took that horrible state of affairs, as Un-American as anything imaginable, and make a mockery of it. Because you’re mockeries.

Cut this shit out or shut the hell up. You are hurting the very People you claim to be fighting for because you’re complete fuck-ups who are so full of the sounds of your own pathetic voices. Just stop. Just shut up.

You’re just plain not worth the further problems you’re going to put these Kids through.

You really aren’t.