Russia’s Diplomats Are Expelled, UK Builds Its Case And Salisbury Becomes HAZMAT City

The City of Salisbury, England is quickly disappearing as the UK begins its moves against Russia.

Hundreds of Salisbury Residents may have been exposed to traces of the chemical weapon that goes by the Russian word for “Newcomer”. These “Newcomer” nerve agents developed in the 70s & 80s were so terrifying they hastened a whole new focus on chemical weapons bans. Now the Salisbury Residents are discovering why, as they watch more and more of their city cordoned off and covered in tarps.

While they’re being told to keep washing…everything. Themselves, anything they wear, use, touch. Clean and keep cleaning. Don’t stop until they’re given the all clear.

Or told to leave.

While this is going on, up in London, the UK Government has told Russia to get its Diplomats out of the Country and don’t expect any official or Royal Family Members to attend its World Cup Parties.

They’re also calling on various Chemical Weapons Ban and Anti-Proliferation Organizations to help them build their case against Russia. They’re calling on the EU, NATO and the UN for help. They’re re-opening every old case that had anything to do with Russia. They’re looking to build something akin to a RICO Case against Vladimir Putin and the Russian Government.

Basically, the United Kingdom is trying to have Russia declared a Criminal Organization.

Stay Tuned.