The Captain and Tim Tebow

New York Mets Captain David Wright has some very nice things to say about Teammate Tim Tebow and that has upset some. Maybe that says as much about how badly we’re doing as a Country right now as anything else.

Because at the core of everything the Captain likes about Tim is that as famous as he is…the most famous person wearing a Baseball uniform right now, according to Wright…Tebow is humble, hard working and just a great guy to have around.

But some just can’t miss any opportunity to try to drag him down and none of it has ever had anything to do with Sports, Baseball or Football. Tim Tebow is on every short list for the Greatest Player in College Football History and Greatest Quarterback in College Football History. He’s a shoe-in for 1st Round Ballot College Football Hall of Famer and his exploits as a Denver Bronco are already enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The entire reason the calls for him by Fans across the NFL continue so long is the feeling his Career was arbitrarily cut short and Fans wanted to see more.

Whatever that more may have been. More success. Or failure as a Starting Quarterback, something he can honestly put on his resume he has never done at any level. No Player his age ever Won in the Playoffs Game and never started another Game. Fans who say they should have had a chance to see him under Center again and feel cheated because they didn’t have History on their side.

Those who say he didn’t get a raw deal have only their own agenda-driven angst. And at this point, it’s shear stubbornness. Tebow started out with many early die-hard Detractors because they had some mis-assumptions about him. Basically, that he was some Right-Wing Religious Political Activist. That he would be some spreader of Religion-driven hate.

Most of those Detractors eventually realized they were completely wrong about Tebow. Now they judge him by his Good Works, instead of their assumptions that a successful Tim Tebow somehow harmed their own political agendas.

The few Remaining are a few die-hard “Pro-Choice” Women who have never taken the time to look closely and realize Tim has never once in his life said they shouldn’t have that right. Nor would he. The most he’s ever said is, even with her life on the line, his Mother made a choice other than abortion.

If that threatens anyone, they need to seriously re-examine their own beliefs.

And a few Teen & 20-something Males whom attacking Tim Tebow is just one more way they spend their days being a dumbass.

But the vast majority wish the best for Tim and if that includes succeeding at Baseball, more’s the better. Which is pretty much exactly what David Wright has been saying. He likes Tim Tebow. Tim is a good friend and good Teammate and he hopes he does well.

Anyone having a problem with that has far bigger issues than Tim Tebow possibly one day Playing Baseball at Citi Field.

As for Tim’s Fans, they’re not putting him in Cooperstown…unless he actually earns that on the BallField. They’re happy for the ride. A ride they believe the NFL cut short way too soon.