The Concussion Diaries of Zac Easter

Zac Easter knew that CTE was quickly destroying his mind. He knew he couldn’t do anything to stop it. So instead, he wrote about it.

For five months before he killed himself, the 24 year old Former High School Football Player kept a journal. A diary of what he was experiencing he titled “Concussions: My Silent Struggle.”

Excerpts are in a story by GQ Magazine. One GQ Senior Editor calls it the single most gut wrenching thing he’s ever read.

Here’s what’s gut wrenching to me. That his story may end up all for nothing. At a minimum, millions will do everything they can to ignore and dismiss it. In fact, it wasn’t the only major piece about Concussions and Young Football Players that came out yesterday. The New York Times published an article on new findings of how and how badly these head traumas, even mild ones, affect the brain.

But you’ll find nothing from anyone in Sports, especially Football, Media about any of this. The message is out. Football CTE is bad for business. And the Football following Audience doesn’t care. For 95% of them, it’s a total non-issue that will never affect them. They’re Fantasy Warriors.

The suffering of Real-Life Gridiron Gladiators means nothing to them and they get pissed when anyone brings it up. I’m where I’ve been with these pieces of shit for the last year or more. If we ever find an y Country stupid enough to take them, round them all up and ship ’em out.

We’re far better off not having these assholes calling themselves Americans.

But noone else will ever be that incredibly stupid. So all that can be done is give them the ignoring they deserve. And that means you Football. Football Organizations, Football Teams, Football Leagues, Football Media. Those who try to dismiss this issue must be systematically run out and away from Football.

Or sooner or later there will be no Football.