The “Doers” and The Pilotless Global Economy

Could Adam Smith have envisioned just how many would try to be “The Invisible Hand?”

Smith spawned entirely new Theories of Economic Principles all with two goals in mind. To insist someone has to be the hand guiding social benefits. And to define who that hand must be. The reality is Smith’s Theories of Economics don’t work. Unless individuals also choose to throw in a little charity along with those self interests.

But there’s always somebody insisting people can’t be trusted and waving their candidate for who among the presumably untrustworthy is to be trusted by all others.

These are truly heady days. We’re seeing a brand of Global Capitalism that is completely free-wheeling. Well, closer than anything in a very long time. And the first in Recorded History for such a Global Scale. Rugged Individualism is the new Rule of All Things. Everywhere. Even Oppressive Regimes won’t make it through this Age as is. They’ll remove their far from invisible hands from the People’s shoulders or they’ll crack and split.

A few months ago a report came out showing over 50 million Workers in the US are “Freelancers”. Over a third of all Employment. Projections for the United States and United Kingdom are fully half of all Workers will be Self-Employed by 2020. The US is a bit ahead in that race. And it’s not a two-horse race by a long shot. A quarter of all Workers in Italy already are Independent. Across Europe the trend rushes upward.

Though statistics are a bit tougher to find outside of the US and Europe, the same indications and perhaps more are seen throughout the rest of the World. And the growth may be faster as the lower costs of living make “Freelancing” in a Global Marketplace ever more appealing in many Countries where they can provide services at great discount and make a much more than comfortable living.

Global “Freelance” Marketplace Fiverr calls these Individuals the “Doers”. Having worked with many around the World for years I won’t disagree with that term. They’re driving the New Economy specifically because they are the Doers. While many others watch and stir around existing pots, these Self-Determined Individuals are busy creating new opportunity and new Capital in what’s becoming new Capital Markets because of them and their massive and soon unmatched size.

Entire Support Industries are emerging quickly to provide for the special needs of Independent Individuals and tiny Groups competing Globally. Support Industries that themselves are already become large and growing fast with no discernible ceiling in sight.

That’s how large the growing bloc of Independent Workers already is and how large it’s expected to be.

This bloc will define the form, feel and function of the New Economy. It will do that because it will be bigger than all other parts of the Economy combined.