The Fallacy of College Football Money

Colleges have lost their basic values of decency over Football.

This has been talked about, written about, argued about. But the key reasoning most commonly used to rationalize it is based on the false assumption that the money in Big Time Football has become so enormous. Cash-strapped Schools just can’t help themselves.

Or so the thinking goes.

Clemson and Alabama both have Out-of-State Tuition and Room & Board around $40,000 a year.

Alabama is the top of the heap having brought in almost $100 million from Football this year. Alabama has almost 40,000 Students. For every 10,000 of those from Out-of-State that’s about $400 million. Before various Fees, including Student Fees for the Athletic Programs. Alabama isn’t large by big State School standards. Some are nearly twice as large.

But for the “richest” Football School, Football money is only a small percentage of all School revenues. By comparison, in Football’s Glory Days, it brought in MORE money than all Tuition. ALL of it. Today for the school that brings in more money than anyone from Football, it is but a sliver of its Revenues.

Most even big Football Schools don’t even come close in this comparison. Football is barely a drip of their overall Revenues.

That Football dominates many Colleges is absolutely true. That it robs some Schools of their very humanity is also true. But if the reason is money, they’re selling their souls turf cheap.