The Incredible Arrogance Of The Las Vegas Police Department

Caught with their knee to the back and gun to the head the Las Vegas Police Department decided the best course of action was to call on the NFL to take “appropriate action against” Michael Bennett.

What can we expect from a Town run by the Mob. Then run by the Mob Lawyer. And now run by the Mob Lawyer’s Wife.

In separate statements by the LVPD and its Union, not once have they disputed Bennett’s claims. Other than the actions of their Cops being motivated by Racism. That seems to be their official position and they’re standing by it. That the treatment Michael Bennett received was standard and proper.

And that Sports Fans is the real problem.

While we spend time fighting over the treatment by various Police against Young Black Males, all fair issue, we ignore a larger problem that feeds it and leaves Police Departments puzzled at the outrage.

They demand a Police State. They expect it. They’re confused what the problem is with one. After all the Governments are at War with the Citizens.

That’s the underlying message that screams at us everyday and everyday gets lost in all of the other screams.

It’s why Cops are trigger happy with Young Black Males. They’re trigger happy to begin with. They’re donning Military Gear and using Military tactics and training. They are an Occupying Force in a Hostile Land.


They don’t believe in Civil Rights because they don’t believe in any Rights. We’re at War. Across the Land the Police Motto is “In God We Trust. All Others Are Suspects.”

Do they profile Blacks? Many of them probably do. Do they profile Young Black Males? Most probably do. Do they fear large…NFL-sized…Young Black Males? You bet your ass they do.

This is a Country that has been living Extra-Constitutionally from the moment the US Supreme Court used the words “Government Need” to justify exceptions to the Bill of Rights. From that second on this became a Country flipped 100% over from its founding principle that the Government lives under the heel of the People. Under the boot of the People. Not the People living under the jackboot of the Government.

This was the single greatest upheaval of the Will of Nations. The great change. Not Democracy. The concept of the People being greater than the Government. Of the people being the ONLY importance.

That no longer exists in America. And we have seen it every day in almost every way for years now. The People are expected to “comply”.

That is a complete affront to everything that made the United States “America”. It is the most fundamental premise of Freedom. Not Bills of Rights. The assumption first, last and foremost that the People are the ONLY “power”.

Not the Government.

When the People are the Power they are Citizens. When they are not they are Subjects. Electing the Kings and Dukes every two and four years doesn’t change that.

Until the fundamental premise of who the People are and who the Government is is settled nothing else ever will be.

And noone in America will be free. Or safe.