The Most Serious CyberWarfare Isn’t Even “Illegal”

Why do we have RICO?

Because sometimes there’s no good way to get to “Organized Crime” except through art. The art of painting a picture of a complex organization with nefarious aims. We’ve obviously expanded its usage, particularly where Lawsuits are concerned.

RICO does what sometimes cannot be done otherwise.

Do we need something similar with CyberWarfare? The US is supposedly “cracking down” on Hackers, including Russian Hackers. This apparently after Russian “interference” in the US Presidential Election. But folks, here’s the thing.

Interference isn’t “illegal”. An editorial in a British Newspaper is interference. So is commentary on Twitter.

We’re losing this Information Version of CyberWarfare and there’s no “Judicial” or “Law Enforcement” action that can do a damn thing about it. Because you can’t make it “illegal” to post comments, to write commentary, to post “news” stories with a slant. They all have them.

This is where we’re getting creamed and there’s nothing that can really be done about it. And it’s far more damaging than anything “Hackers” have done.

Because we made it that way. And we made it that way for the same reason we’re not doing anything to make us less vulnerable. Because neither the Democratic or Republican Parties want us less vulnerable. Because that means being less at each others throats all the time and they won’t stand for that. It’s how they Win Elections.

The two main Political Parties have been committing Treason for years and quite probably the worst Treason in the History of the US. They want everyone hating each other because hate generates campaign contributions and volunteers. Hate brings in millions ready to do anything to get a Candidate Elected and even more to destroy an Opponent. Hating each other gives both Political Parties 10s of millions willing to waste their every waking moment in attack mode. All year long. Not just at Election time.

Not just in Election years. Every year.

This has made us easy pickings for those whose goal is to watch the US destroyed. All they have to do is a few nudges here and there and then stand back and watch us destroy ourselves.

They can break the United States up and never once commit a “crime”. Let alone an “Ac of War”. Cyber or otherwise.

How’s that for a kick in the ass?