The Move On The Dollar Has Begun

For the last 3 years or so I’ve been telling you what the real target is. The US Dollar.

The Dollar is how you break America. Nobody wants a direct Military Conflict with us. That’s why we’ve had a renewal of Proxy Wars. Ukraine, Syria. It’s why we’ve been in the middle of CyberWars and the even more effective Information Warfare.

First you get America in turmoil, chaos if you can get it. Then you break the Dollar.

Europe becomes wildly exposed in ways PetroWars couldn’t accomplish. New Energy put an end to any hope that can continue to be effective long-term. The threats of freezing Europeans in Winters Without Natural Gas don’t do what they once did.

Gain concessions in the ongoing chess game for power over the Economies and ultimately the People of other Countries.

A few months back I told Y’all Germany would be a key Player in this. A weakened American Position in Europe creates a power vacuum that not only Russia will rush to fill. But also Germany.

Now China has brokered the deal for Gold-Backed Oil and Gas transactions. The US Dollar having such a position in Energy Transactions kept America in the middle of everything. China has now broken that. Soon it will introduce the yuan in Oil Transactions, backed by gold. The Dollar will be left out in the cold.

Enter Germany. Germany is now “repatriating” gold.

Germany is the World’s 2nd largest holder of gold and they’re bringing it all home. They’re not even trying to hide that it’s not about Investment Appreciation. It’s about new Geo-Political Realities.

In other words. It’s about the United States no longer being the World’s Power Broker or, in Europe, even the principle one. We’re slipping out of our position of importance to Europe and the Dollar’s position of dominance.

That position is what has kept it holding its value even as the Federal Reserve was dumping huge piles of it on the street.

Americans don’t know what it’s like to suddenly find their currency bottoming out. Every Rule of Economics that most People live their lives by goes out the window when the currency starts crashing.

China’s motivation is easy. Becoming the World’s Power Broker. Russia’s is also easy. Becoming Europe’s Top Power. And the very wrestling I talked about awhile back between Germany and Russia is about to begin. Germany being Germany and Russia being Russia, they’ll divvy up Europe.

At least in terms of influence. If not more. Once these things get started there’s no knowing where they might lead.

China will be the “Guarantor” who tells European Countries they won’t face deprivation or worse…war.

And the US will find itself on the outside looking in.

This is the beginning of the assault on the Dollar with Europe as the 1st prize. After that the other Countries and Regions fall like dominoes.

I’ve asked how long can we go it alone? Because that’s where we’re heading. Fast. But not to worry. We’ll be too busy fighting each other over everything else to even notice we’re no longer the World’s Top Power.

We soon might not even be in the Top-3.