The Night The Lights Went Out In Florida

While the rest of the Country is fighting 1000 year old wars, Florida is in the dark ages.

How many lost power in Florida? It’s probably easier to ask how many didn’t. I’m crashing with friends who are one of only a very few houses that didn’t lose power. 4 houses down it’ dark and stays that way for mile upon mile upon mile.

100s of those miles.

Some stores and restaurants now have power and people are getting out in huge numbers. Most have nothing else to do. And any break from the heat is worth whatever it costs to sit and sip an iced tea. (Long Island or Sweet) Clothing stores are pretty much still closed. Nobody’s looking for designer dresses no matter how good the sale.

1000s from Utility Companies all over the Country descended on Florida. Then they quickly realized it was Lumberjacks they needed to recruit. Florida is the Land of Kindling. Don’t be surprised if those bags of pre-packaged firewood you buy this winter say “Made in Florida” on them. It’s the State’s biggest crop right now.

The best thing you can say about any of this is at least most Floridians aren’t currently engaged in the Country’s #1 Pastimes.

Race Baiting. Political Warfare. Demonizing.

That comes sometime after the lights are back on.