The Totally Icky War

Welcome to Cold War II: 21st Century Under a Microscope.

We’re deep into a 2nd Cold War. But just like our Oh So Millennial Civil War, it’s a Made for YouTube Production. Co-Produced by Twitter.

Episode One of our WebSeries: Sean Spicer Versus Scott Dworkin.

Is Donald Trump God or Satan?

We have actual enemies who want to see us destroyed. They’re the Democratic & Republican National Committees.

Vladimir Putin doesn’t want to see us destroyed, because then he’s at the mercy of China. He wants to see us weakened enough that he’s the unquestioned Big Man on the European Campus.

Of course the President had alot of this coming by making so much about himself. But by all the Talking Heads in this Country making everything about him, we have done nothing more than give those who truly want to see us annihilated four unfettered years to work on their goals while we just shit on each other.

We act like we’re fighting a Race War when we’re just snitting at each other on Twitter. We act like we’re fighting a civil war while we’re just monkey shit fighting on Cable News.

And we act like we’re facing down foreign threats while we’re just going all Groundhog Day over the Election result.

We’re playing 21st Century Fantasy is Reality games while much of the rest of the World is leaping through the 19th and 20th Centuries to rush past us Economically, Technologically and maybe even Militarily.