This Is Us and This Is Them

In what may prove to be a masterful stroke, USA Network is running a marathon of NBC’s phenomenon “This is Us”.

Few shows can be called iconic in their first Season. This may be one of them. To choose to run the entire first Season up against the NFL Playoffs is amazing. “This is Us” is the social media megahit the NFL is hoping to be with as many as a third of its viewers taking to their Twitter, Facebook and other accounts as they watch it in PrimeTime.

But the two couldn’t be more different.

“This is Us” is all about how much being different can be binding and breaking at the same time. It’s about how our problems can also show our strengths. It’s about overcoming flaws and issues and the perceptions of others through a commitment of love.

Football used to be entirely about character and values, two of “This is Us”‘s mainstays. Now BigTime Football at the Major College and NFL levels aren’t about either of those. I can handle that. But I refuse to put up with the assholes who choose to call Football surviving its abusive nature as “proof” of its natural superiority. So much so it ends up backdoor power and riches through abuse and bullying.

And I’m nowhere near alone in that. Easily a majority of the people in the Country consider the NFL to be “sleazy”. I arrive at that based on 48% saying that BEFORE the last 2 1/2 years of scandal and abusive & deceitful NFL. 62% of Millennials also called the NFL “sleazy” in that Spring of 2014 Street & Smith Survey of Americans’ views on the Major Sports Leagues and NASCAR. ONLY the NFL fared poorly, let alone so poorly. In fact no other Major Sports came close to the perception of a disgusting and vile exhibition of arrogance run amok most consider the NFL to be.

I haven’t watched even one minute of any NFL Game this Season. The first time I can remember being able to say that. The last 5 years or so I’ve dedicated much of my time to trying to help save the Game of Football who I finally concluded has its biggest enemy being its Top Professional League and its second biggest enemy its biggest Football Schools and Conferences. If the Game of Football is outlawed or otherwise simply dies out it has noone to blame but its biggest names, its Media and its supposed most loyal supporters. All of whom chose to fight instead of switch and become a Game and Organizations worthy of saving.

So for this Saturday we may have two cliques in this Country. Those hunkered down watching, tweeting, texting, talking about the NFL. And those doing the same thing with “This is Us.”

It’s somehow fitting that the two are of such stark difference.