Three Strikes, You’re Headed For The Majors, Tim Tebow

Max Scherzer faced 9 Batters today, putting down all of them. Five by Strike Out. One of those five was current Prospect, very soon New York Mets Outfielder, Timothy Richard Tebow.

While the usual round of suspects cheered the Tebow Strikout as evidence the Experiment is a none-too-soon ended bad joke, Mets BeatWriters rushed to their Columns to praise Tim’s progress this year. He’s markedly better than he was last Season, where he showed flashes of having Game.

But also gaps large enough to drag his numbers down. This Season, it’s looking more & more unlikely Tebow will have those long performance valleys and every reason to believe he’s got a huge year ahead of him.

Tebow went 1 for 3 officially today, Batting from the Clean-Up Spot, in his first start of the Grapefruit League Season. He also reached 1st on what was scored an Error, but could easily have been ruled the other way. That’s how hard Tebow hit the Ball at the Nationals’1st Baseman, who was handcuffed and watched it jump past him into the outfield. Last year in Minor League, Tebow had an insane number of forced Errors. Between his speed and how hard he hits the Ball, Infielders found themselves handcuffed alot last year.

But that was A-Ball. Now we’ve had our first example of how this combination may work out in the Big Leagues. If there was a question of this lethal combination of speed and power would produce similar results higher up the food chain where Fielders are quicker and more sure-handed, Tebow came out this year hitting even harder.

Everyone besides the intentionally blind see it. Tim Tebow is beating the hell out of the Baseball. And he’s only had his 1st Spring Training Start. By April he will probably be looking so good there will be alot of talk about whether the Mets could be looking at moving him up to Citi Field even faster than expected.

And this with most close to the Team already saying expect to see him in September.

Tebow says he’s feeling very comfortable at the Plate already and more with each Plate Appearance. He looks it. He looks like a Player Playing for a spot on the Roster. He looks like a Player who is much closer to being ready than one with alot still to work on.

He looks like a Player we’ll be seeing in the Big Leagues this Season. Get used to that look. Because we will be.