Tim Tebow Effect On US Presidential Election Results

If Tim Tebow was leading the Philadelphia Eagles into the Playoffs this weekend Hillary Clinton would be the President-Elect.

If Tim Tebow was eligible to be President and chose to run he’d be the President of the United States in a couple weeks.

Of those two statements, the one that would raise the fewest eyebrows would be the second. In fact, every time Tim’s name gets associated with the possibilities of his entering politics, no matter who raises those possibilities, ‘Tebow for President’ instantly takes over the conversation. As it did when he responded to the direct question and said it could be something intriguing in the future. But right now, he’s an Athlete and that’s where his focus is. No matter how much speculation got discussed on Tim as Governor of Florida or a Congressman or Senator, Tebow as President drowned out everything…and everyone…else.

Serious discussion of Tim Tebow, Politician, began a few years back with key Members of the Florida Republican Party pushing him to run a Primary Candidacy against the Republican Governor, Rick Scott. Tim wasn’t interested and Scott is still Governor of Florida. But for any serious players in a Political Party to push a competitive Candidate against an incumbent of their own Party says something. Usually dissatisfaction with the likelihood of that person winning Re-Election. In Tebow’s case there was some of that. But more. Much more.

Big Party Members of Big States are always thinking bigger things. As in National things. And that showed itself even back then. Political Pollsters immediately placed Tim Tebow’s name against the then Presidential Candidates and he would have won hands down.

Since then, this same exercise has been played out numerous times by numerous outlets from media to Political Polling and it always comes out the same.

There is not one person in the United States who could beat Tim Tebow in an election, including a Presidential Election. Most barely register against him, including Party Candidates on those ballots. It’s been so stark and the public reaction in jumping on the mythical bandwagon so enormous it has all but become a foregone conclusion that the only thing that will prevent Tim Tebow from one day being President of the United States is his own interest in the job.

But how does that translate into a Hillary Clinton Presidency and what do the Philadelphia Eagles, let alone Football or the NFL, have to do with it?


Trump’s Election is a “We’ve had enough” Vote. Enough of the same machines thinking only of the People when they have exhausted every other option. Enough of Power Brokers whose only interest is their own Power. Enough of “Expert” Classes. Enough of the “We’re Smarter Than You” crowd.

Enough of the Masses being treated like Sheople. And worse. Like Mushroom Sheople who will put up with being used, abused, lied to and then sent the bill all so that ‘Powers That Be’ can stay that way.

The National Football League has become a symbol of everything that’s broken in America. It has also become a symbol of the Abusive Elitists. The Snarky Class of Know Betters. The Power and Money for its Own Sake Set. The Rewards for Nothing Movement that has dominated America for almost 20 years. The NFL has become a symbol for Unappreciative Privileged Classes. In Sports it is THE Symbol for the Unappreciative Privileged Classes.

And the arrogance they are known for most.

If Tim Tebow was leading the Philadelphia Eagles into the Playoffs this weekend much of that built up pent up anger would not have shown itself at the Election Booth. Hillary was an atrocious Candidate. She should have been called Hillary Samsonite for all the baggage she brought with her, as well as being so closely associated with the very snobbish Superior Classes Americans have historically despised and are learning to despise again.

But she still would have won against a ‘The Donald’ who did everything he could to mock the state of the American Political Processes and Systems. She would have been a One-Term President barring miraculous performance in office.

But she would be prepping right now for Inauguration Day.

Can You Say Irony?

Before Tim Tebow was drafted by the Denver Broncos various members of the Media went with politics over journalism and began a form of smear campaign against him. Some went so far as to call the possibility of a successful NFL Career for Tebow as a threat, a looming disaster. In their minds several situations existed. First, Tim Tebow’s Fans were Ultra-Conservative Zealots bent on pressing their personal beliefs into law. Second, a successful Tebow would translate into fired up hordes of Tebownistas even more hellbent on invoking their brand of Christianity on everyone through the force of the government.

Something had to be done and that something was the sabotaging of Tim Tebow’s NFL Career. The Super Bowl Commercial he did with his Mom simply further convinced them, despite it being about as harmless as any commercial could be.

This began a Nationalization of the politicizing of Tebow that began when he was in High School in Florida by Public School Teacher’s Unions opposed to anything that furthered Home Schooling. At 17 years old, Tim Tebow had already begun experiencing what being artificially turned into a “polarizing” figure meant.

But Tebow has in many ways befuddled many of his Detractors as the actual Tim and the demonized Tim have never been one and the same. The actual Tim Tebow honestly cares about People, All People. And he’s every bit as guileless as his Aw Shucks naive image appears. Even the jaded New York Media was taken by surprise when Tim was there with the Jets. Almost to a one they were expecting it all to be an act. Nobody could be that genuinely good. And one by one they began admitting that Tim Tebow is someone they feel proud to call a friend, someone they’re happy they got to know.

A young man who actually is as decent and humble as he appears on the surface. It’s actually not an act. That’s the Real Tim Tebow. The Young Athlete many, including many in New York Media, set out to tarnish and if possible destroy. Or at least…catch him in the lie.

But the lie never came because it simply isn’t there. Neither is the “Uber-Evangelist” out to demonize the wicked. Time after time Tim has turned down opportunities to align himself with some of Christianty’s more fire and brimstone polemics. And when he has gotten close, like the announced speaking engagement at a controversial church in Dallas, he pulled out. Some might say to preserve his image. Others, because he truly doesn’t want to demonize and divide People. He wants to be a Helper and a Unifier.

Both sides of that debate are probably correct.

The irony is all of this is that Tim Tebow’s treatment by the NFL and the Media ended up bringing about that last little bit of impetus to send a message to the embedded ‘Power Elite’ that pushed Trump over the top and Hillary on to the Book Tours.

The demonization of Tebow designed for political gain accomplished precisely that. Just not the political gain its perpetrators had intended.

The 43% and The Wars on Christianity and Football

At no time has the disconnect between the “Elites” and The Masses been any more on display than when a famous/infamous Poll came out saying that 43% of Americans believed God helped Tim Tebow win Football Games. This timing couldn’t be better as this is the 5th Anniversary of the Tebow-Led Denver Broncos dramatic Overtime win against the Pittsburgh Steelers in the First Round Playoff Game noone could have predicted when Tebow came in to takeover for a beaten down Kyle Orton in San Diego months earlier. The following week Tebow was given his first start of the Season and the rest is NFL Lore. The NFL has declared that to be one of the 10 most memorable in NFL History.

When the Broncos went on a miraculous string of victories many in such amazing Late Game Heroic fashion we have NEVER since heard a drive in the last two minutes called by the name it had for well the better part of a century…the ‘Two-Minute Drill’. From that Season on last minute drives have been known as “TebowTime”.

Even the NFL that treated Tim so shabbily and most of the Media that often did him even more dirty uses that term when a heroic Quarterback effort late in a Game leads to a Win.

When that Poll came out it was soundly ridiculed by the snooty Media and equally or more snooty sycophants of all things “We’re Smarter than You.”. (Especially if the “You” is someone down South, Rural or anything otherwise expressly uncool, unhip.)

The arrogance of laughing at 43% of Americans cannot be put adequately into words. That NONE of the ridiculers gets that assures the Great Divide in America will never be breached. Never. There will be the occasional head-fake of empathy purely for financial reasons. But nothing more than that.

That another easily 43% though perhaps not necessarily attributing divine intervention to the Tebow Heroics absolutely loved every minute of it no less further shows how far out of touch that Snobbish Elite Class truly is. They’re so disgustingly full of the smell of their own feces, much like that league many of them cover and/or rally around, they have come to represent everything Decent America refuses to tolerate quietly any longer.

The Election of Donald Trump is one example. The #boycottNFL and #boycottESPN Movements are others.

Word is these Elites have been shaking their heads in disbelief since the Election. But they have nobody to blame but themselves.

And that includes for their treatment of America’s Lone International RockStar so elevated for the simple act of being known for being the last of America’s Genuinely Good Guys. Around the World Tim Tebow is known for wearing the white hat.

What does that say about his Detractors?