Tim Tebow On A Major League Roster?

It’s becoming clearer that not only will Tim Tebow be on a Major League Roster but also that it will be much sooner than almost anyone could have imagined a year ago. And Baseball Fans are beginning to adjust to the idea.

It’s also becoming clearer that, not only could that year that Tim Tebow Plays in actual Major League Games will probably be this one. It could conceivably be in something other than a Mets uniform.

The Mets are still the odds on favorite in the Tebow Sweepstakes. But a few dark horses are starting to show up. Vegas Oddsmakers went with what it saw as the logical alternatives of the Colorado Rockies and New York Yankees. Plus the Atlanta Braves who have never shied from showing their interest.

Behind the scenes though is the practical matter of a Team almost certainly having to make a Trade to get Tebow away from the Mets and the probability they would have to immediately put him on their Roster. And it truns out there are at least two Teams willing to do both of those.

Those Atlanta Braves and the Seattle Mariners. The Mariners had some serious Organizational interest, particularly within its Minor League Ranks. With a passing of Time and Reps, it appears the Mariners may be more interested at the Top of the Organization than they were 18 months ago. The Braves’ interest also having continued to grow.

Tebow looks good at the Plate. His numbers don’t reflect that yet. But everyone other than the most determined Detractors is quick to insert that “yet”. He’s looking like a Hitter instead of a Swing & Prayer. And he’s still Tim Tebow, meaning he’s still one of the strongest men from the NFL which makes him Hercules in Baseball.

When Hercules makes solid contact with Baseballs, sheds beyond the Outfield Wall whimper.

We haven’t even begun to see the best Baseball we’re going to see from Timothy Richard Tebow, the certain next ‘Face of Baseball’. And more Major League Baseball Organizations are beginning to realize that.

So are Fans.