Timmy And The Kids: The New Mets?

How many decisions do the Mets now have to make? Including who will be making Mets Decisions.

Only those Last Name: Wilpon are safe.

The Mets have to decide if they want to bring up Tim Tebow for a little cameo, alot of excitement for the Fans and tons of Positive Press at a time they have none. Baseball has to count itself lucky most NFL News is bad. But, as expected, now that the NFL Season has begun, Baseball is nowhere to be found in Sports Media.

That didn’t happen last year. Last NFL Season began with “NFL Season starts tonight”. Huh? What? Oh that.

Because the Mets signed Tim Tebow that NFL Opening Day and that was the ONLY thing anyone talked about. By the time the NFL got the Media back from Tebow all it had was Player Protests and shitty Ratings.

Baseball may have let an even bigger opportunity slip away by not taking Thursday’s NFL Start away from them again. This time by announcing Tebow’s Call-Up. Between that and Hurricanes, nobody would even remember the NFL exists.

Rob Manfred, Baseball Commissioner, by the way. And that’s the whole point. That’s the point of all of it. That’s the point of everything. I never again want to hear idiots telling me it’s “Stars” and “Winning”. The Chicago Cubs Won the World Series.

It bought Baseball almost nothing. It got them barely any Press while it was beginning to shape up, as it was looking very real. Then the Playoffs began. It bought Baseball a little more. Then it got to League Championship time. It bought Baseball much more.

Then the World Series. The perfect Match-Up for Baseball. Two storied Teams neither of which had Won it in almost anyone’s lifetime. Especially the Cubs. And when it was over that Cubs World Series Win was everything.

For a week.

It didn’t even carry over into the next Spring Training. That’s how little Baseball’s biggest “Win” in decades, maybe 100 years. Probably almost certainly 50 years. Twice as old as most who will poo-poo this article.

And THAT is the other point. Way too much of Sports has been all about 18-24 year old Guys. That shit has to stop while there still are Sports. Cause those young punks will kill them. They’ve already all but killed Sports Media.

There’s a reason the ONLY ones who disagree with me about this are…yeah, you guessed it. 18-24 year old Guys.

Those Guys are expected to forget who the Cubs are by the time the next Spring Training starts. They have the long-term memory of a flea and the attention span of a dog stuck between two bowls.

But everyone else, especially Sports Media forgot too. At least their coverage sure seemed to indicate they did.

But nobody forgets Tim Tebow. Not for a minute. Well, except maybe some of those 18-24 year old Guys. Some of the others spend half their social media time saying “Nobody cares about Tebow”.

And that’s the other point. (I’ve got lots of ’em. Those other points)

Tebow’s so popular, those that bother spend half their time trying to convince others he’s not really popular at all. Now THAT, Sports Fans, is Celebrity. SuperStar Celebrity. RockStar Celebrity.

And Baseball desperately needs that. Not because it’s “dying”. It’s not. Because even as it prospers and grows it still can’t convince many it isn’t dying.

Who is Rob Manfred again? Oh that’s right. Who’s Roger Goodell? Yeah, the only Sports Personality hated as much as Tim Tebow is loved.

Right now the NFL’s OK with that cause “Hate Sells Too”.

But love sells better and nobody in Sports has more Fans who love him (or her) her with a passion that borders on and exceeds total fervor than Tim Tebow. He can single handedly carry a League.

Those Guys only come around very rarely. You don’t miss those chances unless you’re the NFL or the idiots who still think they Play Football in the NFL. (Or even that it’s still actually a Sports League and not a twisted Reality Series)

The NFL can’t sell Football. So it sells Soap Opera.

MLB can sell Baseball slowly. But this is a really bad time in History for that. It needs a big kick-start. And the extreme shortness the Cubs World Series Win Coattails had says the only thing it has that can give it that is Tim Tebow.

We’ve seen how little Championships buy anyone. Be it Team or League. Somehow the Cubs felt different. Like it would have enough transcendent power that Baseball could carry that high a couple years anyway. But they barely got a couple months out of it. And probably not even that.

Certainly not from Sports Media. Nobody went into January saying “Good News Sports Fans. Pitchers and Catchers Reports is right around the corner. So you can come out of hibernation now. Remember the Cubs!”

Nobody talked about Baseball at all. Unless it was Tim Tebow. Same with February. Nobody talked about Baseball at all.

Unless it was Tim Tebow.

So Baseball really needs Tebow. But what about the Mets?

The Mets are a mess and a mess of decisions. Tops on the list is whether they go into full Rebuilding mold. Or if they try to make this a year to “go for it”.

Tim Tebow wants to stay a Met. But he has Market Value if the Mets want to trade him. The question there is does he have any Contract Value. He’s not under much of a contract which means his Market Value is limited. Teams want to know they have someone more than a basic Minor League contract of a Player who wasn’t even Drafted.

The Braves wanted Tebow bad and still do. After this Season alot more Teams might. Tebow held his own and that was the first test. He made it through a Season. That was the second. He’s a legitimate Baseball Prospect with big Power potential. Left-Handed Power. That’s always appealing.

But he’s Tim Tebow. There’s only one of those. There isn’t another one just waiting right around the corner. There isn’t another Athlete who brings as many Fans with him as Leagues have. And more than ten times as many Fans as Teams have.

Ya really gotta think about that one a minute before speaking your detraction here folks. Any Team Tim Tebow signs with instantly picks up more Fans than all the Fans it spent 50-60-100 years building up the hard way.

Don’t go telling ANY Owner not to jump at that. It’s how you pay for all those other Guys. And anyone who doesn’t understand that or tries to devalue or dismiss that has nothing of value to add to any Professional Sports discussion.


The Wilpons are doing their Franchise and Major League Baseball a huge disservice if they let the self-proclaimed “Purists” convince them to hold Tebow back at all. And the only reason not to push him onto a Major League Field as soon as possible is concern it could wreck a good career before it gets started.

The ONLY reason not to push Tebow Major League Baseball Player faster is because of belief in Tebow Baseball Player. The Columbia Fireflies President knows how Baseball works as well as anyone and also knows as well as anyone what the Mets and numerous other MLB Teams have in mind for Tim Tebow. He hit the nail right on the head. If there wasn’t real belief in the potential of Tim Tebow Baseball Player he would have been Tim Tebow Major League BallPlayer this Season. He would have been on an American League Roster Hitting DH a couple Games a week just to bring in the Fans.

But he also might have never Played Baseball again if that wrecked his potential growth as a BallPlayer.

That’s what gets us to the Mets. They have lots of young Players that Tebow has Played with. They respect him, like him, listen to him and would follow him as their Leader. Their Captain. He guided many of them in handling the pressure.

How about the pressure of Playing at Citi Field and being in the New York Media’s eye every day? Tebow has already had that. And the New York Media generally likes him to boot. Oh there’s the snide and the snarky. But put Tim Tebow back in New York and they’ll be fawning all over him like teenage girls.

So is that what’s next? Timmy and the Mets Kids? It has the potential to be a huge story. One that would grab more than a few back pages from the Giants and Jets. And forget the Morning and Late-Night Talk Shows. Tebow owns those.

Which is why he’s so huge for Sports Teams and Leagues. He’s already a huge celebrity. He’s an A-Lister even when he’s Playing in the Minor Leagues. Playing in New York, Baseball takes September back from the NFL.

Then maybe they can take October back too. That’s what it’s about folks. Not whatever bullshit you and your favorite SportsWriter or ESPN or FS1 Show Host are talking about.

For Sports, it’s all about who owns the Fall. Tim Tebow gives Baseball its best chance in decades to take it back.