What Have the Last 6 Years Been About?

As some of you may know and most probably not, the 3 Penn State Execs got a couple months jail time, a few more months house arrest, some fines and a couple years probation.

That was for knowing what was going on for at least half the couple decades the State of Pennsylvania’s Flagship University was used as a brothel for children.

It took the NCAA all of 2 years to say “All is well and forgotten.” Forgotten being the operative word. Which, by the way, is why I said most of you probably didn’t hear much about what happened to those men. Nobody in Football, which in this Country means nobody in Sports Media, wanted to hear any more about it.

Joe Paterno was trending for about 12 hours the other day. But that was certainly much more politics than it was giving a shit about Kids. Some Political dude used PapaJoe and “honor” in the same sentence. So it trended. Because it made good political snark. No real other reason.

We learned absolutely nothing from Penn State. Just as we learned nothing from Florida State, Baylor, Ray Rice, shrunken balls, Greg Hardy or anything or anyone else.

The last six years of hell were all for absolutely nothing. The Guardian of London said you have to be “evil” to watch the NFL. And that was 3 years ago. I won’t dispute them. Especially after 3 more years of watching how the NFL’s business model is built on abusing anyone in its path. College Football’s business model is built on assaulting anyone in its way. Or, if you followed the whole sordid Penn State saga and all its doings, murdering them.

If anything has been learned in these ugly years it’s been delete the video and throw away the phone.

I really can’t find anything else we’ve done to change.