While We Play SportsWriter Polemics Sweden Nervously Re-Institutes A Military Draft

Sweden. The Country that out Switzerlands Switzerland, is so nervous about Russia it has being doing its first major Military Exercises in over 20 years and is re-introducing The Draft.

While we make PizzaGate Jokes, Europe is getting closer to the brink. There are fears, sound ones, that we’re one big economic event away from Russia launching a targeted attack. The biggest question is where.

Vladimir Putin has had his eye on the US Dollar as the key to Russian Supremacy in Europe for years. Now the Dollar shows signs of exposure. Helped, of course, by China, Russia and now its BRICS friends.

I’ve been telling Y’all for years. The swiftest path to World War III is a collapsed US Dollar.

Here People say Cry me a River over Crimea. There, it’s a big deal. Here we say Ukraine? That’s still a thing? There they wonder what Country will be the next Ukraine.

Sweden, with Armed Forces now down to just 20,000 and 22,000 Reserve Volunteers now is convinced it’s taking way too many chances by not being ready. Or able. NATO is participating in Sweden’s Military Exercises though it’s not a NATO Country, having wanted to maintain neutrality.

But there can’t really be Neutral Players. Not if Russia gets even more aggressive.

This should have never come to this. The Russian People don’t want it. I’m not guessing that. A large percentage of my Readers are Russian. I work with numerous Companies there. They don’t want any of this. They want to live, love, work. Eat, sleep and make little Russian Babies. They’ve been burned out of War for a long time.

Over 12% of the Russian Population was killed in World War II. (Over 16% in Ukraine) Before anyone starts acting all holier-than-anyone keep those numbers in mind. What would we do if 15, 20 Million Americans were killed? How long would we do it? Would we shoot first and ask questions later for the next 100 years?


Europe has been ravaged by War. NOBODY in this Country can imagine that because nobody in this Country or their Parents or Grandparents have been through it. Not here anyway. The closest we ever came was the Civil War and more Americans died in that War than every other combined.

And, as events bear out, we STILL haven’t gotten over that war. And that was almost 100 years earlier.

We look for rationality where the rational thing is to always be on a war-footing because there always seems to be a war coming. There anyway. And there is all they have any real reason to be thinking about.

Especially while here, we’re way too busy throwing shit at each other to think about little things like is the next great war about to break out.