Will We Make It To The ‘Coming Ice Age’?

September, 1958: Harper’s Magazine, “The Coming Ice Age” Sub-Title: “A True Scientific Detective Story”.

This may have started it all. It’s also why so many don’t trust “Science”. Especially “Climate Science”. By the time Al Gore published his Book “In Inconvenient Truth”, Americans had endured almost 30 years of being told we face an Ice Age.

Suddenly it all flipped on its head and People asked “So which is it? Will we freeze to death or bake?”

This is the other Inconvenient Truth. The one many worked up about Climate Change either don’t even know about because they were still so young at the time. Or simply refuse to admit.

You can’t spin the propaganda that quickly and not expect it to confuse many and even cause some, maybe many, to be skeptical. An attitude of arrogance and dismissiveness isn’t going to help.

We don’t have much actual Science going on anymore. We might not have any. But we have a whole lot of agenda-driven, often politically motivated techno-weenie nonsense. Coupled with a heaping helping of snooty, snotty, smarter than you cave dwellers and sky pilot delusionals.

Well here is the reality. If we still do have any Scientists in this Country, they fucked this up. Something that’s becoming a bad habit for our supposed Scientists.

Grow up and get your shit together and maybe People will start listening to you. And save the fucking attitudes. They wouldn’t be helpful even if you hadn’t been full of shit so often.